StrEAT Side Take Out: Best Lunch in Southport, NC

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Restaurants

(image above: Ahi Tuna Tostada from StrEAT Side Take out.)

Here’s a Contender for the Best Lunch in the Lower Cape Fear Region

Southport may be a small town but its culinary scene is filled with copious amounts of eateries and comfort-food staples. Even with heavy weight-size competition, this one little restaurant stands out above the rest. How? By serving great food.

Looking for a tasty lunch in Southport, North Carolina? Look no further than StrEAT Side Take Out. Whether you’re craving a blackened shrimp bowl or a Korean beef bowl, a delicious chicken tostada or classic cheese quesadilla, this eatery has you covered—and it’s all yours to enjoy on their outdoor porch or as a grab-and-go. Locals agree, this hole-in-the-wall restaurant is one of the best lunchtime take-outs in the Lower Cape Fear region. 

Across Southeast North Carolina — where the tourist dollar supports many establishments — most restaurants focus on the experience that happens around the meal, not necessary what’s served on the plate. This is especially true on Southport’s West Bay Street, where many tourists pay a premium for waterfront seating and are mostly offered deep fried grub.

StrEAT Side Take Out is Different

StrEAT Side Take Out is where the restaurant industry is heading: an emphasis on food quality and away from expensive dining rooms — a concept known as “Fast Fine“. The restaurant’s food-first direction is apparent in their menu and serving concept. Proprietor Chef Rhonda Uhlmann — formerly of Oak Island’s Flying Fish Café — replaced the traditional front staff and indoor dining area with a take out window and outdoor seating. Every order is “grab-and-go”. If you choose to eat at one of their outdoor tables, they’ll happily bring your order out to you.

StrEAT Side Take Out is a tiny joint on Southport’s main drag, North Howe Street, adjacent to a golf cart shop. It serves up delicious modern American and California Cuisine that’s worth a drive from Wilmington—seriously, don’t miss it! The menu changes regularly (you can find out what’s being served each day on their Facebook page), but whatever you choose will leave your mouth watering for more. Hands down, my favorite dishes here are the Ahi Tuna bowl and the Korean Beef bowl.

Each dish on the menu is priced between $9 and $15.

They have outside dining only, but I prefer my meal at one of the seating areas in Waterfront Park or on the green at Fort Johnston Visitor Center, enjoying the natural beauty of Southport on the Cape Fear River. Or if you prefer, there’s (limited) seating on StrEAT Side’s porch — which is not always available.

(Below) StrEAT Side Take Out’s Ahi Tuna Bowl.

StrEAT Side Take Out - Ahi Tuna Bowl

(Below) StrEAT Side Take Out’s menu.

(Below) StrEAT Side Take Out’s order window.

Streat Side Take Out restaurant South Port NC
StrEAT Side Take Out: the place to go if you need a quick bite or leisurely meal!

The restaurant is located at 524 N. Howe Street, Southport, North Carolina and is open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 2pm. It’s closed on Sunday and Monday — and hours may also vary during off-tourist season. Call them at (910) 363-4113 for more information or to place a take out order.

Written by Peter La Fond

I'm food- and- wine obsessed. Discovering a new recipe is a delight; refining a classic one is my all-consuming idée fixe.

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